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Switchable Smart Glass

Switchable Smart Glass

Smart glass also called switchable glass,Privacy Glass,PDLC glass or intelligent glass,Which is laminted by smart film inside two pieces of tempered glass to control the glass from opacity to clear on demand.More convenient installation,better adaptation to wet and complex environment.

●  Ultra Clear,>85% VLT.

●  99% UV blocking rate,high heat insulation performance.

●  Safe & explosion-proof,suitable for wet environment.Iron free glass used.

●  Much more convenient to install.

●  Professional switchable smart glass manufacturer in China.


Smart glass is a new type of special photoelectric glass with a sandwich structure that laminates a polymer dispersed liquid crystal(PDLC) film between two pieces of glass,Which is integrated by high temperature and high pressure gluing.

You can control the glass opaque or clear on demand by controlling the current is on or off. The control method is multi,such as:Manual switch,light control,voice control,remote control,Phone App control etc…Smart privacy glass itself not only has all the characteristics of safety glass,but also has the privacy protection function by controlling the glass transparent or not.

We can provide design,production,transportation,installation guidance and other necessary services to meet different customers’ demand. According to different installation site,smart glass size can be customized.Whether in commercial or residential,it is a good choice!

Borita® Smart Glass Main Functions:

Smart glass main functions

Borita® Smart Glass Features:

●   Glass Thickness Type:5mm+5mm; 6mm+6mm; 8mm+8mm; 10mm+10mm; 12mm+12mm
●   Max Width & Length:2000mm×6000mm
●   Glass Type:Tempered glass; Iron-Free glass; Color glass
●   Switching Speed:<10ms as:Switch,Remote,App…etc.
●   Power Consumption:≤5W/㎡
●   Viewing Angle:>150°
●   Controlling Ways:Switch, Light,Voice, Remote Control, APP control etc…
●   Lifespan:>10 Years

Work graphic of Switchable glass

Multi Control method:

There has several control ways to realize smart glass to be switchable from opaque to clear.

Smart glass control methods


The smart glass is a kind of laminated glass. It not only has performance of safety glass,but also has opaque and clear switchable features. The core part is the PDLC film sandwiched between two layers of glass. There has a layer of EVA film on each side to make glass UV blocking.The wires and busbar is existed.so it is more easy to install.

Switchable smart glass structure


Inside the films there has the polymer dispersed liquid crystals we also called it PDLC.When the current is power off, LC molecules point in random directions,so light is scattered, Now the film appear opaque.

On the contrary,When the current is power on, the LC molecules align like opening blinds,So light can pass through,Now the films appear clear.

how does smart glass work


Borita Smart Glass Parameter

Windows, doors, roof‐lights, sliding doors, sun rooms, bathroom etc…

Windows, doors, office partition, conference room, stores front windows, advertising displays etc…

Windows, doors, machinery screening, dust free rooms, Product display cabinet, Product R&d Center etc…

Hotel room privacy screen, bathroom & bedroom privacy protection, external windows etc…

Emergency rooms, ICUs, operating rooms etc…


borita smart glass ready for shipment

Borita® PDLC Smart Films light transmittance Test

Play Video about smart films light transmittance test



About Us

Borita is one of leading manufacturers of smart PDLC films in China, which is a famous brand in smart films & smart glass industry. It belongs to Kunshan Borita New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd, which was established In 2010.

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