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Switchable Projection Film

Switchable Projection Smart Film

This is not a simple screen,You can switch at will. When power off,Films turn opaque to be screen by projector,which can be used as your media center. on the contrary,when power on,films turn clear,it will restore the original function of your window.

●  High-definition effect screen,rear projection.

●  Much more energy-saving and lower cost than LED screens.

●  Windows are switchable between screen,opaque and clear,more flexible.

●  Professional switchable projection smart film manufacturer in China.


Switchable projection smart film will show us 3D video effect if we use PDLC film as projection screen by a projector.The core part of the smart film is the polymer dispersed liquid crystal(PDLC) coating.Liquid crystal(LC) has a good video display function, When use a projector to make rear projection on it the films will become a large screen. the effect is very amazing. When the film power off, liquid crystal(LC) molecules are arranged irregularly, then the light from the projector can be perfectly reflected by the liquid crystal to form an video.

At this time,any electricity is not consumed, so it has a higher energy saving than LED screens. In addition, when LED screen is turned off, Just a screen leave there. But switchable projection smart film is different. When you don’t need the screen, it can become transparent and restore the function of the window. So you can choose screen, privacy, window function according to your demand.

Besides, if we use a touch devices, we can turn this big screen into a big touch screen, which will bring us more convenience whether it is in the office or the exhibition center and so on!

Hence,projection function is switchable projection smart film’s another main function,it can be widely used for any fields where need a media to show or advertise.For instance,When apply it on retail store front window,This will be especially useful for shops to attract customers. The owner can switch it opaque(projection screen) or clear(show products interior) on demand!

Borita® Switchable Projection Smart Film Features:

●   High definition 3D video effect.
●   Change an ordinary window to be a big touch screen.
●   Switchable between video projection and viewable from both sides.
●   Lower energy saving.
●   Very reasonable price for long term use.
●   Convenience installation,just stick on any window.

Projection Smart Film


Smart films can be used as big screen or touch screen by a projector application.The system is very simple,Smart films are installed on existing window or use smart glass directly,a projector which connected PC applied at behind of window to make rear projection.Now window becomes big screen,If we add a touch device on window,it will be a big touch screen.

projection smart fims system


Public Place:
propagandist Screens.

Conference room, office partition screen.

Machinery screening, Product display cabinet.

Digital writing board.

Retail Stores:
Advertising displays

Hotel Lobby

Public Hall

Retail Store

Touch Screen

Exhibition Room


About Us

Borita is one of leading manufacturers of smart PDLC films in China, which is a famous brand in smart films & smart glass industry. It belongs to Kunshan Borita New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd, which was established In 2010.

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