Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film

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PDLC smart film

Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film

Make window switchable (opaque or clear) by just sticking self-adhesive PDLC Smart Films on existing glass!With AB adhesive layer on rear side to make it more convenience to apply and cost saved because of new window or glass is not required.

●  Self-adhesive type,easily applied on existing window glass.

●  High visible light transmittance >85%,Ultra clear effect.

●  Double side UV blocking,Effectively improve life span,more than 10 years!

●  Fast delivery:around 3 working days.

●  Professional PDLC smart film manufacturer in China.


Borita® PDLC  Smart Films Features

●   High transparency rate,>85%.
●   High rate of UV blocking >99%.
●   All liquid crystal imported from Japan.
●   Multi controlling ways,such as:Switch,Remote,App…etc.
●   High infrared resistant rate,Energy saving.
●   Instant privacy control,Switchable between opaque and clear.
●   Exceptional optical performance,better glare reduction.
●   High durability,more than 10 years life span.
●   Efficient use of space in interior of building,privacy and visual space is switchable.
●   Easy and low cost daily maintenance.
●   High definition to use as a rear projection screen.

Smart PDLC film is an intelligent window film which can be switchable between opaque and clear. It is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection film made of different functional materials on both sides of the liquid crystal film.

Self-adhesive PDLC film is a kind of convenience and cost saving smart films which has a special adhesive coating on one side of Film. It can be easily applied to an existing window,so don’t need to replace the existing windows.We can supply films in rolls or in sheets, if you buy films in rolls, you need to know how to cut the films and how to make busbar.Films in sheet will be more convenience for most new customers, we can cut the films size as your window measurements,busbar and wires are made ready.Customers just need to install them on existing window.

In addition,smart film also has excellent UV blocking, infrared resistant and super Soundproof functions. It has a wide range of application for office partitions,hotel,hospital,window cabinet exhibition halls,outdoor projection screen and so on.

Smart Films Main Features


The core part of PDLC film is a coating composed by liquid crystal molecules,On both sides of the PDLC layer is ITO conducting film which has conductive function,The outer side of the two ITO films are anti-scratch film and self-adhesive layer,the special adhesive film laminated on one side,so easily applied to an existing glass.finally the layer of protective film is covered on both side.

self adhesive PDLC film structure


Two layers of ITO conductive film are filled with liquid crystal and polymer materials,So when the power off, the LC molecules are arranged in an irregular manner.meanwhile light is dispersed,So the film appears in an opaque state at this time,Now privacy protection is realized.

On the contrary, when power on,The current conducted by ITO films drive the LC molecules are arranged in an regular manner. meanwhile light can pass through freely, So the film appears transparent state at this time. Increase the sense of space in the room, while making the window looks more magical!

how smart films work


Smart film technical parameter


smart films rolls

Borita® PDLC Smart Films light transmittance Test

Play Video about smart films light transmittance test

How to install Smart PDLC films?



About Us

Borita is one of leading manufacturers of smart PDLC films in China, which is a famous brand in smart films & smart glass industry. It belongs to Kunshan Borita New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd, which was established In 2010.

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