Non Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film

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Non Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film

This is a kind of smart films without self-adhesive layer which is main raw materials to make smart glass, it is a kind of laminated film,can’t be installed separately.

●  Non Self-adhesive type without adhesive layers.

●  Necessary raw materials to make smart glass.

●  High VLT >85%,ultra clear.

●  Fast delivery:around 3 working days.

●  Professional PDLC smart film manufacturer in China.


As we know,if we install a PDLC film on existing windows, we can make our windows switchable between transparent and opaque without replacing the existing windows, so we need the film to be self-adhesive by coating AB glue on one side of films.

However, sometimes we want to install new windows, so mostly we can choose smart glass. Non self-adhesive smart film is just the core raw material for making smart glass. It doesn’t contain a self-adhesive layer so we can laminate it by two pieces glass with EVA film covered on both sides to produce smart glass. Professional equipments are required to make high temperature and high pressure environment,so the films inside glass will be laminted well to be integrated glass,It Has good moisture-proof and explosion-proof functions,besides EVA films have good anti-ultraviolet properties, thereby preventing the smart film from being damaged by UV rays.

Non Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film has main function of smart film,which is polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC) films with LC coating inside.When the current is switched off, the LC molecules point in random directions,so incoming light is scattered, now we see the film is opaque. On the contrary,when the current switches on, the LC molecules align in a regular manner, So all light can go through,now we see the film is transparent.

Borita® Non Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film Features:

●   Non adhesive,suitable for smart glass lamination.
●   Excellent optical properties:High VLT >85%. Low Haze rate(on) <4.5%.
●   Fast Switching speed:On-Off <10ms;Off-On <200ms.
●   Viewing Angle:>150°
●   Low Hot-shrinkage rate:<0.2%.Reduce smart glass edge shrinkage.
●   Max Width :2000mm.

Non Adhesive PDLC Films


Liquid crystal molecules are coated in middle part of smart films which is surrounded by dispersed polymer.This part we call it polymer dispersed liquid crystals(PDLC).Outside of PDLC is ITO conducting film,which can make conductive action to control PDLC inside.The outermost is the protective film, we need to tear it off when we use the smart films.

Non adhesive smart film structure


When power on:LC molecules inside smart films was driven by electricity which conducted by ITO film.Now LC molecules are parallel arrangement,so light can pass through,now films are clear.

On the contrary, when power off:LC molecules are arranged in an irregular manner,now light dispersed,films turn opaque.

smart film work principle


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Borita is one of leading manufacturers of smart PDLC films in China, which is a famous brand in smart films & smart glass industry. It belongs to Kunshan Borita New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd, which was established In 2010.

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