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Residential Applications

Smart glass & PDLC film have wide residential applications which can be installed where windows has in house. For example: Bathroom, Drawing Room, House Hall, Sunroom, Bedroom, Landscape Window etc…The magic switchable effect of opaque and clear can attract your home visitors eyes. besides, It can effectively prevent UV rays from harming indoor household products,meanwhile curtains are saved. You can choose privacy on demand just by a click.

Privacy glass installed at Bathroom


Bath room has to use switchable glass which have better waterproof features,It can protect privacy well on demand.When you take a bath, you can make the glass opaque.

Drawing room Use switchable glass film

Drawing Room

Liquid crystal films instead of curtains used for drawing room will have all curtains functions.It can be used very conveniently, don't need to open and close the curtain every time.also very easy for daily maintain.

Smart tint film applied on Hall

House Hall

Liquid crystal laminated glass used for house hall where has very strong sun light at day time,it can prevent UV rays from making harmful effect on persons and household products inside,also can reduce glare well.

Landscape Window

Landscape Window

The beautiful scenery outside the window always brings us a happy mood,Swichable privacy glass will bring us closer to the beautiful scenery.Just a click,you can choose beautiful scenery or privacy on demand.

Smart tint Locker Room

Locker Room

Smart film applied in locker room can give you convenience to control the window opaque or clear. when you wear clothes,you can turn fims off as opaque status to make privacy on demand just by a click.

Smart glass for Sunroom


The sunroom has a good view and plenty of sunlight. When PDLC film is clear, you can enjoy the sun to your heart's content. When the film is opaque, you can protect privacy and reduce glare.

electric smart glass

Room Byobu

The byobu can bring indoor space with mystery and warmth feeling.If switchable glass applided for byobu.When it opaque,You can't see room inside when you enter the door.When it clear,our sense of space is increased.

smart film for Villa windows


The smart film used in the villa can well protect the valuables in the room, such as home furnishings and collectibles. Prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays.meanwhile, further improve the housing grade.

Closet Window use PDLC films


When you want to find something from a closet, you can make the door transparent so that can see which one is your demand, you can make it opaque at ordinary times, so that can protect privacy well.

Bedroom Window applied smart tint


From the bedroom window, we can see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the bright sunshine. If we use smart PDLC film,It will be more convenient to enjoy these and protect privacy on demand.No curtains needed.

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