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Projection Screen Applications

Smart film is a kind of liquid crystal films which contains LC coating inside.The liquid crystal has a very good display function.We can use a projector to make rear projection,so that PDLC films can become a big screen.When power off, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged irregularly. At this time, the light of the projector can be mapped on the film, which will become a large screen.On the contrary, when power on, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged regularly, the film becomes transparent at this time, so that we can see interior through the widnow glass.Hence,we can choose screen or window on demand.In addition, if we add a touch device, it can become a large touch screen. Besides it is very energy saving,because only the projector consumes power.It can be widely used for hotel lobby,retail stores,exhibition room etc…

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Hotel Lobby

With a 3D projector,smart films used for Hotel Lobby or similar place can bring us very shocking 3D stereo effect.The video is very realistic,which can effectively attract customers’ eye.

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Public Hall

Whether in a shopping center, or other public places, such as stations, polymer dispersed liquid crystal film can be applied on a big window where often people pass by to make window as a big publicity screen.

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Exhibition Room

PDLC films with liquid crystal inside,which can have HD imaging function,So it is very suitable for exhibition centers,where need a big screen to exhibit,much more energy saving than LED screen.

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Office Partition

With Smart glass or PDLC films installed in office,space and privacy is switchable on demand with a click.But another big function is projection screen,which will be convenient for work report show.

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Touch Screen

In addition to being a projection screen, we also can install a touch device so that the entire screen become a touch screen!This can facilitate information exchange and provide some self-service.

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Retail Store

If a retail store has a window alongside street,The smart film is too suitable!With a projector, the window becomes an advertising media center.Pedestrians will be easily attracted by advertisements.

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