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Commercial Applications

Smart PDLC films can make windows switchable between opaque and clear,so it has a wide range of application for commercial places.such as:office partition,conference room,retail stores,shopping mall,hotel,bank etc…It can not only improve your company’s corporate image and attract more customers, but also provide some practical functions, allowing you to control the interior space feeling as you like, or choose the projection function.

pdlc film for office partition

Office Partition

Borita Smart film is leading a new and hidden neighborhood in the modern office environment, presenting a completely different office space, which will bring an extraordinary experience in terms of function, design or vision. Privacy or free vision, control whatever you want.

Smart glass for hotel

Hotel Glass Wall

The application of switchable smart glass in middle & high end hotels can better improve the quality of the hotel and improve the customer's living experience. It can switch between transparency and opaque, allowing you to have a panoramic view of the scenery outside the window.

conference room

Conference Room

When PDLC film applied in the conference room can well protect the privacy requirements of the meeting room. Besides,the projection function can be used as a work report screen or touch screen.When films turn transparent,it also can increase indoor space feeling.

hotel bathroom

Hotel Bathroom

When we entered a hotel, we found that the glass in the bathroom could be switched between transparent and opaque. What a miraculous thing! Switchable privacy glass can make privacy on demand!More and more hotels and designers choose it!

Smart Film for Bank

Bank Service Window

Smart glass applied in Banks can provide a more secure and comfortable working environment. In case of robbery or Non-working time, the glass can be instantly opaque through remote control.On the contrary,glass turn transparency during working time for service windows.

Switchable film for shopping center

Shopping Mall

In shopping center,PDLC films can effectively help the store attract the attention of customers. At the same time,smart film can become a large screen by using a projector, which can be used for advertising screen,it is very energy-saving.


Hospital Operating Room

In health center,smart privacy glass has widely application,such as ICU rooms, Operating room...It can Avoid the bacterial contamination caused by curtains and inconvenience caused by curtains washing. besides,also can protect patient privacy on demand.

switchable glass for museum

Museum Showcase

There are many valuable exhibits in the museum' showcase,switchable privacy smart glass can effectively protect the cultural relics inside with anti-theft and explosion-proof function.besides,smart glass switchable opaque or clear can make exhibits display or not.

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