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PDLC film also called smart film or switchable film with switchable function between opaque to transparent.LC molecules inside of films can change their direction by the current.when power off, the LC molecules are arranged in an irregular manner.So light is dispersed,Now film turns an opaque state.When power on,the LC molecules are arranged in an regular manner,So light can pass through,now film appears transparent state.

Smart glass also called switchable glass,intelligent privacy glass,Which is laminated by PDLC films between two piece of glass.So can control the glass from opaque to translucent.

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What Borita® Smart Film | Glass Different

Quality is the foundation of our survival, we have put quality first since the establishment of our company in 2010.

1. All liquid crystal imported from Japan,Ultra-high transparency rate and haze rate,VLT >85%(power on),Haze rate >96%(power off).

2. The liquid crystal layer is as high as 20μ thick,which has ultra-high voltage shock resistance and stronger breakdown resistance.

3. Imported roll-to-roll ITO film equipment to eliminate risks caused by outsourcing.The 188μm thickness of ITO film greatly improves the durability of the smart PDLC film.

4. With anti-UV hard layers on both sides,which can effectively prevent films from UV damaging,effectively extend film’s life.also make higher scratch resistance(3H).

5. Class 100 dust-free workshop,so that can prevent dust particles from causing black spots when it is energized.

We don’t make LC layer thinner to reduce cost,Scientific LC recipe with advanced machines enable us do higher VLT and more stable quality.

Space Partition

Space Partition

When you need your glass wall to be a wall partition,Just power off smart films,then glass wall will become opaque.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Whether you want privacy protection or not,You can switch the glass opaque or clear as your demand.

Touch Screen & Projection

Touch Screen & Projection

Liquid crystal layers inside smart films can make your glass as a big screen by just a projector,You will be attracted by it!

Safety And Explosion Proof

Safety And Explosion Proof

Whether use it to stick on exist glass or laminate it to be smart glass,will make glass more safety.



Multilayer composite structure will bring us better soundproof,Make your space more quiet,reduce noise pollution.

Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film

With self adhesive coating,available stick on existing windows to make it switchable between opaque and clear.

Switchable Smart Glass

Safety glass laminated by smart films under high pressure and high temperature,Stronger environmental adaptability.

Switchable Projection Smart Film

Smart PDLC film will be a 3D video effect screen by a projector to make rear projection.

Non Self-Adhesive PDLC Smart Film

Without self-adhesive coating,which is the core raw materials to laminate switchable privacy smart glass.

Smart Films can be used wherever there is a window.Generally speaking,There has three classified fields: 1.Residential Fields,such as:Windows,doors,sun rooms,bathroom etc… 2.Commercial Fields,such as:office partition,conference room,retail stores,shopping mall,hotel,bank etc… 3.Projection screen,such as:Advertising for stroes front windows,Show display for exhibition or museum.

Our Factory Glimpse

Top Production Equipments

Top level production line,with roll to roll machine,UV curing coating machine imported from Germany.Glass laminating furnace,glass edging machine imported from Japan,give us a base to carry out refined production and form our smart films >10 years life span and >85% VLT.

Complete Inspection Instruments

Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber is used to Simulate hot and humid environment test(-30°C to 70°C, 20%-80% humidity) 500 hours. Drying oven to make thermal Shock Test(30°C-80°C) 30 minutes,Ultraviolet aging test chamber test anti-ultraviolet performance to ensure product life 168hours.

100 Class Dust-Free Room

The PDLC film industry’s highest standard dust-free room with standard of less than 100 pieces of 0.5 microns dust particles in the air in a cubic foot of space.It can effectively prevent dust from entering the inside of smart film,which will causing short circuits and form black spots on films.

Research & Development Center

With strong and high efficient technical team,We are always on the way to continuously explore a better performance of our products. After thousands of tests, we have obtained a more reasonable liquid crystal formula.We have done a better job in the VLT, haze rate, and other aspects!

Super Long Film Roll Test Workbench

30M long film roll test workbench which is the longest workbench special for films roll test in the industry.The entire test bench has wires from beginning to end.Therefore,we have the ability to ensure 0% deffect rate of our films roll.On the contrary,other competitors can’t guarantee the quality of film rolls.

Smart Film Cutting Machine

Professional cutting machine and skilled workers with a least 5 years experience,allow us to have a ability to increase production capacity for films in sheet with busbar & wires ready.Irregular film shapes are acceptable! In addition,we also have a laser cutting machine, which can meet customers with special demand.

Film In Sheet Test Device

All films in sheet with busbar and wires will be 100% tested before shipment to keep products quality stable.This is the last inspection step,but very strictly.We not only carry out high-voltage(above 60V) resistant tests, but also carry out frequently turn on/off tests for at least 24 hours before shipping to customers.

Enough Stock

To give customers short lead time(mostly winthin 3 working days), we established a large modern warehouse and logistic center.Most products models in stock to meet different customer’s demand. Besides,hot sales products stock is under well controlled to advoid rist of out stock.

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